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Order your brunch table for Thursday,

Nov 28th for $699!

 Tables are assembled on-site on Thursday Morning. Limited quantities are available! 


Based in and around Connecticut, Charcu specializes in creating a unique social and culinary experience that is sure to give your guests a sense of indulgence. 


Our exquisite grazing tables are guaranteed to be a “WOW” factor at any event. From corporate meetings to private family parties, showers, weddings, and anything in between, your food becomes your showpiece rather than your accompaniment. 


Charcu is your new definition of custom catering, elevating traditional cheese boards and redefining them. Our signature Tablescapes are made to feature locally sourced charcuterie and cheeses, artisanal bread, as well as a selection of fresh seasonal produce; in short, decadent and healthy fare. 


This lavish dining experience allows your guests the opportunity to enjoy a variety of delicious foods and naturally invites conversation and socializing.


Grab your favorite drink and your favorite people, and get ready for Charcu to help you provide lasting memories long after the last bite has been enjoyed.


About Charcu

Gathering together and feeding a crowd is part of the norm for us. Big families mean ample excuses (or non-excuses) for getting together, which always center around great food, laughter, drinks, and making memories. The need for an abundant amount of food is always essential (God forbid we don't have enough!), and something our mother always takes pride in.


Just about three years ago our family of five siblings began growing exponentially, with many bridal and baby showers in its near future. For as long as we can remember, our family showers were always local, cosey, and done at home. That tradition wasn’t lost when it became time to plan our showers, but we wanted to get a little more creative and make them our own. 


So...Mom had an idea, Dad made a 6-foot charcuterie board...and the fun and experimenting began! Backed by a family with who share a love of cooking, fabulous food, presentation, creation, and multiple art degrees, what you see today is an evolution of what we’ve built for our family to enjoy for the last three years.


It started with a simple idea that has led to endless possibilities. The time is here for it to be available for anyone who is willing to think outside the box, and come together with their guests to experience our unique blend of culinary art.

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I had the pleasure of attending a shower catered by Charcu and everyone including myself was simply blown away by the outstanding display!


Monique Senarian

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